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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Aims in Art


As a subject area we offer a well-equipped and resourced department offering our students an excellent opportunity to develop skills and to become high achievers. The students have access to a wide variety of materials with the opportunity to use specialist equipment including printing presses and a good sized kiln for the ceramics they produce. I am aware that as a special school, Art can offer more to our students than just making progress within the National curriculum and have had the pleasure to see students grow in confidence and see the therapeutic side of our subject and it’s potential to become an area of interest to students in their future.

All students can work towards accreditation in our department and we have been following GCSE and Entry level courses for many years.

Art at Key stage 3.

Year 7 projects;

Drawing, still life work and looking at Architecture.

Painting landscapes including Jungle scenes.

Mosaics looking at pattern and colour.

Pottery making coil pots.

Modeling Paper Mache masks.

Year8 projects;

Drawing trees and experimenting with materials.

Slab work in clay, making castles.

Portraits, looking at shading, printing and ‘Pop Art’ Painting, looking at adding depth to their work.

Year 9 projects;

Looking at Matisse. His cut outs and his use of pattern and fabric.

Landscapes and townscapes looking at the use of water colour and using perspective to create depth in their work.

Sculpture. Looking at how artists use 3D materials, making their own sculptures.

Art at Key stage 4.

Students will be working towards a GCSE exam or Entry level.

Year 10 projects; of ‘Overhead and Underneath’ and ‘Order and Disorder’

Working from old exam titles the students will research Masks from Africa and South America.

Looking at patterns and Artist Angie Lewin. Shoes designs and making patterns with these.

At the end of year 10 students will then develop one of these themes for themselves, creating their own ideas and they will continue this development of their course work into year 11.

Year 11 projects;

A continuation of the work they started in year 10 to show a sustained focus.

Finally they will do exam prep in the spring term and complete the course with an exam at the beginning of the summer term.