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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice


The Enterprise group are responsible for the Community Café. Our Year 10 group are the bakers that make all the cakes that we sell in the Community Café.

The students learn by repetition and gain lots of confidence which can be seen on a weekly basis. The cakes produced are always of the highest standard and receive lots of compliments from customers at our café. The students will complete AQA units to reflect the skills they are using.

Students learn about food safety- why they have to wear an apron, tie their hair back, wear full shoes, and wash their hands. They gain an understanding about food contamination why it happens and how to avoid it. Each week students have a ‘focus of the week’ this could be about ingredients, equipment, weighing. Whatever the focus is we will discuss as a group check students know the information required and the do a worksheet to remind them what they have learned. Students are encouraged to work towards independently making the cakes.

The students also make craft items when there is available time, these items go on sale in the Community café, so far this year they have made bookmarks and decoupage pots and boxes. One item a decoupage cat was so popular it was auctioned and raised £25 that shows the quality of goods being produced.

Year 11 students have completed the baking and move on to running the Community Café. The students take part in every aspect of running the café, from serving, making hot drinks, operating equipment, washing up, collecting the dirty pots, taking the money and complete AQA units that reflect these skills.

The students are all very motivated and learn the skills required very quickly. They put into practise the food safety they have learned in Year 10, this is very important as the students are serving staff, parents and members of the public, the café is registered with environmental health and currently has a five star rating.

The students are responsible for setting up the café before visitors arrive this involves putting on tablecloths , making sure every table has milk and sugar , teaspoons, spoon rest, customer feedback forms and pens.

The students are then ready to work in their area of responsibility, so the person who is responsible for hot drinks will make sure the urn is full and switched on, teapots are out and contain tea bags, coffee is ground ready for brewing in the coffee percolator, fill the percolator with water and lastly take customers’ orders and serve the correct drinks.

The student responsible for cleaning the dishes must check the dishwasher is switched on ready for use, fill the sink with warm water and detergent, empty plates of finished food into the bin, put the cutlery into a tray for washing and then put the dirty pots into the sink for rinsing before they are loaded into the dishwasher. Turn the dishwasher on, when it is finished put cutlery and pots back where they are stored.

The servers have to know the names of the cakes, so they can inform the customers, they then have to take the customer’s order and serve them the correct cake using the correct tools.

One students works on the opposite side of the counter and they are responsible for collecting all the dirty pots from the customers table and wiping the tables when the customer leaves, the pots are then taken to the dishwasher.

At the end of the café the students are responsible for putting everything away again.

The students in the café have raised £1072.98 this year for various charities.

We put out customer feedback forms in the café each week and the comments are very positive one customer wrote:

“My weekly dose of Nutella cheesecake! We really look forward to coming each week. It is such an enjoyable experience. Everyone is so cheery and friendly. The children are so polite and will always engage in conversation. You knock the sox of Costa! Keep up the hard work.”

The café is supported by parents and members of the community but we always have room to welcome more.