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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice


The Bungalow

The bungalow is a purpose built home for teaching students the life skills that they need to succeed in the future, long after they have left Marshfields School. The bungalow helps students to gain true life skills in the correct setting which can’t always be created in the classroom.

All of our Year 11 and some Post 16 students have the opportunity to spend 3 days in the bungalow where they learn about skills around the home. This involves looking at cleaning products and identifying any warning signs, how we use the product and where it is used. This is followed by a discussion to make sure students fully understand what any warning signs mean and how to use the products safely.

Students also look at income and outgoings to make sure they are fully aware and realistic about the cost of running a home. They are also involved in discussions about the dangers in the home- gas leaks, fire, flooding and what they should do in these situations. We talk about who to contact and how to get hold of them.

The student’s favourite thing is planning their own menu for the food they will eat. Some groups look at the eat well plate and discuss which foods we should eat the most of and follow that with planning a healthy lunch. The students plan a 3 course meal and invite guests in to eat it, our first port of call is parents but when they are unavailable we may invite staff, governors and even school inspectors. The guests are always given a warm welcome and usually pleasantly surprised at the standard of the meal they are served. Guests are encouraged to write in our visitor’s book. One of our recent comments from a parent was “Thank you for a fantastic meal. A very worthwhile experience for everyone! It’s not often that a classroom session can end in something so tasty! Full marks.

Students will make up a shopping list from the menu they have chosen and use public transport to travel to the supermarket to purchase the required goods. While we are in the supermarket students will locate the goods on their shopping list and then check the sell by dates and also look at the value of the food against products similar to the ones we are purchasing. When we arrive back in school we store the food in the correct places.

All Post 16 and Year 11 students make up a booklet which contains worksheets and photos of the work they have completed in the bungalow, they are encouraged to put copies of the recipes of any foods they have made so they can continue at home. The stay finishes with a quiz to see what they have learnt and remember from there time spent in the bungalow.

Bungalow enterprise projects have included Year 10 students in to plan a meal for at least 30 staff and invited guests, they were responsible for planning the meal shopping for it cooking and serving the meal. The guests paid for this meal and all proceeds were donated to charity.

A lot of parents that visit our community café have requested copies of recipes for the cakes we make and sell so two groups of Year 10 students designed and produced recipe books to sell. They were responsible for selecting the recipes, the layout of the book and illustrating the recipes. The recipe book then went on sale and all funds raised went to charity.

Some of the post 16 students were involved with decorating the bungalow they selected the colours they wanted to use then prepared the walls and doors ready for painting and then decorated it. They also helped wallpaper one of the walls.

Two Year 9 boys painted the outside door in the bungalow , they chose the colour, then rubbed down the door putting masking tape on where it was needed and then undercoated it, finally they glossed it. Both boys were very proud of their work and couldn’t wait to show people what they had achieved.

The feedback from guests and students that come to the bungalow is always positive.

The Bungalow is also used to support nurture groups, which have included students learning about personal hygiene, money, cooking breakfast, spreading skills and social skills.