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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Personal Development

Personal Development combines PSHE (Personal, Social and Health) and Citizenship. Each student in the school has one double lesson a week in this subject area.

The department is supported by visiting specialist educators such as health education from the school nurse, whilst the crime unit is supported by a local Justice of the Peace. Where possible the curriculum is brought alive by acting out scenarios and re-creating important events such as how to vote.

The curriculum is a balance between giving students an understanding of their rights and responsibilities, with the knowledge to understand their physical, emotional and social well-being, enabling them to become active citizens in a global environment.

PD is taught in a way that enables students to be Successful and Happy in their learning, with high expectations, whilst developing Aspiration to be good and active citizens. The teachers of PD strive to ensure that the curriculum they study is Purposeful and Exciting in order that they can participate in a Diverse world.

Personal Development is taught to all students for one double lesson a week, totalling 1hour and 20 minutes. The topics covered are a guide and as appropriate are taught to meet the needs of student’s in the classroom taking into account current events in our student’s lives.

Homework often takes the form of thinking about discussions in the classroom to share ideas at their next lesson. Sometimes worksheets are also given to students to support classroom learning.

All students are invited to see their PD teacher at break and lunch to discuss the lesson, their homework and complete tasks set. 

If there are any topics parents and carers wish to discuss with school do contact your child’s form tutor or PD teacher.



Term 1 Term2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
7 Managing transition and new surroundings Safety

Healthy friendship. Well being

Who am I - What makes a good citizen Rights and responsibilities Puberty. School Nurse
8 Spending and saving. Consumer rights and responsibilities

Healthy friendship. Well being

Britain's place in the World. Get Global Media and Society (Citizenship book 1) Bullying - Stereotypes and Diversity
9 Enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle Crime - Police in Prejudice - Stereotypes Elections - Government Charity Work Puberty and healthy living

Diversity in the UK

Body image Self-Esteem Being safe - Contraception Drugs, Alcohol Worlds of works
The Apprentice Challenge
11 Preparing for adult life The consequences of substance abuse and misuse

Anti-social behaviour

Leaving home Queen Elizabeth II Revision
Post 16 Goal/Target Setting Physical, Mental, Emotional Health, Healthier adult life Relationship, parenting Keeping Safe/Managing Risk Communication Global Diversity, Human Rights

Ms A. Anderson