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Marshfields School

A Positive Choice

Product Design - KS4

Year10 Product Design students have been looking at using Pewter Casting to create Saxon style personal adornment products. This was initially designed to appeal to re-enactors who would like authentic jewellery to go with their outfits and other kit when they were re-enacting their favourite historical period.

We quickly realised that many students and staff liked these too. We set up a stall in school and sold them to visitors, staff and students. The yr10s were able to keep 50% of the profits after costs had been removed. The other 50% was given to Children In Need. Top salesman and maker was Owen.

Pewter Casting

Ergo Cutlery

Yr10 Product Design re finishing their Entry Level Design Certificate.

They have researched Ergonomic products. This is the science of making things which are comfortable and useful to a range of different users.

They have learned about the properties of Beech as a food use tool. They have used peer assessment to judge their own work against our shared standards of quality.

They also sold their products at the BGL sales day which you can see on our Special Projects tab.